Closing a chat

When an agent interacts with a contact through chat, whether it's to sell or provide customer service, it is recommended to always close the chat when the conversation is over.

How to close a chat

Once you have finished a conversation, click on the Close button located in the upper bar on the right side of the console. When you close the chat 💬 it will automatically disappear from the ongoing inbox.


ℹ️ Note: Remember that chats 💬 that an agent selects from the inbox 📥 are moved to the ongoing inbox and they can only be viewed by the agent

Observations to be considered

  1. As an agent, you must complete the required fields (customized and/or standard) and save the contact's👤 information by clicking on the Save button 💾. Although contact info is automatically saved when you close a chat 💬, the console will not allow a chat to be closed if the required fields have not been filled out correctly.
  2. When you close a chat 💬 the system records the duration of the conversation.
    Our system provides an average estimate of the duration of each service provided through chat, allowing the administrator to keep an accurate log of each conversation and its duration.
  3. If a contact decides to reach an agent again, a new chat 💬 will open. The agent that accepts the chat will be able to view the conversation history on the timeline. Remember that the timeline is located at the center of the console and its purpose is to show conversations that occur in real-time between agents and contacts 👥.
  4. It is important to consider that if chats are not closed properly, they will remain in the ongoing inbox causing the inbox to be overfilled without need. This can sometimes affect the performance of the application depending on your computer's characteristics.

💡 If you wish to view the conversation history on the timeline, use the scroll bar on the right