Below we have included a list of terms related to our services and their definitions to help you navigate our platform more efficiently.

B2Chat Users

When a company decides to purchase a subscription with B2Chat, it gains access to different types of users. These users may play different roles as agents and/or administrators.


An Agent receives user requests through the different messaging platforms available and solves user needs related to customer service, sales inquiries, and conversation tracking.


An administrator customizes the different features available in the B2Chat console according to your needs, has access to reports and data analysis, and manages users and contacts.


The B2Chat console is the screen that allows communication between an agent and a contact by the use of different messaging platforms.


A contact is a person that communicates with your company or business (customer, supplier, partner, etc.) using the different instant messaging channels available, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and/or Telegram.


In B2chat, the channel is the medium we use to facilitate the interactions between contacts and your company through the use of instant messaging. It is for this reason that B2Chat is often referred to as a Chat Center.

Messaging Account

A messaging account is a specific channel that your company owns through the different messaging platforms that B2Chat supports (your company's WhatsApp line, Facebook messaging enabled on your company's fan page, and/or a Telegram account). B2Chat connects the messaging accounts of your preferred channels to enhance your agents' services.


A chat is a continuous conversation that an agent and a contact engage in through an instant messaging channel. The chat is initiated and created in B2Chat when a contact sends a message on any of the available channels and is closed when the message exchange between agent and contact ends.


A message is an interaction that takes place between an agent and a contact within a conversation (chat). There are two types of messages: incoming messages and outgoing messages. Incoming messages refer to messages that are sent by contacts while outgoing messages are sent by agents.


A chatbot automatically responds to messages sent by a contact within a chat. The purpose of the chatbot is to optimize the messaging experience for all B2Chat users. Currently, we have three types of chatbots:

FAQ chatbot - solves any frequently asked questions contacts may have before connecting with an agent

Satisfaction chatbot - measures customer satisfaction once the agent closes the chat

Routing chatbot - asks the contact what department they would like to be referred to before assigning an agent

Inbox and Ongoing Inbox

The inbox is a shared area inside the console (the agent's screen) that is seen by all agents and where all contact chats arrive. An agent receives a chat and assigns it to himself, sending the chat to the outgoing inbox where it can only be seen by him.

When you configure the routing chatbot, agents will only be able to see chats that are related to the department pertaining to the inbox.


B2chat departments group agents together to provide specialized customer service through the use of chats. When the routing chatbot is set up, chats are received in the inbox related to the department previously chosen by a contact.