How to set up Facebook messenger

At B2Chat, it is possible to connect multiple Facebook pages to a single console, guaranteeing optimal customer service, and a good relationship with your customers.

To connect your Facebook account follow these steps:

  1. Click on  Channels located in the menu on the left-hand side of the platform.
  2. Click on the Facebook messenger icon next to "Connect a new channel".
  3. Each of our subscription plans has a channel limit. If your current subscription plan does not allow you to create additional channels, a window will appear asking you to create an additional channel or upgrade your subscription. Remember that each additional channel has an added price of ten dollars 💵 (to learn more about our different subscription plans, see How to verify my subscription).
  4. To upgrade your subscription, click on the Upgrade button and choose the plan that best suits your company's needs.
  5. To create an additional channel, click on Create additional channel and our system will redirect you to our set-up panel⚙️ where you will select the pages you wish to connect. If you're not logged into your Facebook account, our system will ask you to log in to continue setting up your channel. Make sure that the Facebook account you log in with is the administrator for the page that you wish to connect to your channel.
  6. Click on the blue button that reads: "Continue with Facebook".
  7. Enter your account's username and password 🔐press the Login button.
  8. Our system will redirect you to our set-up panel⚙️. Your channel will connect one of your Facebook pages with B2Chat. Select the page you wish to link to your channel from the drop-down list. You must also define the name or alias that you will give to your new channel. This step is extremely important because with it you will identify the specific channel for your Facebook account. You must define a name or alias for each of your Facebook pages (in the event you have more than one). The name or alias you choose will appear in the console where the agent who picks up the chat from the inbox 📥 will be able to easily identify it. When finished, click the OK button.
  9. Once your channel has been connected, you will see a message on your screen that reads: "Done! Your channel has been set up and will be activated shortly". Click on the Go to console button to finish.
  10. To test that your channel has been connected successfully, visit the Facebook page that you've connected and type in a test message on your Facebook messenger. If your channel has been connected correctly, the message should appear in your inbox 📥  in B2chat's console.

💡Make sure that the Facebook account you log in with is the administrator for the page that you wish to connect to your channel

❗At this time, it is not possible to connect global Facebook accounts